Find the perfect gift for the Woodworker in your life

This is a collection of practical, affordable gifts for woodworkers and hobby builders. We've collected tools that are unique and a little less common so that you'll be certain to surprise them something they might not be expecting!


Our Favorites

These are some of our most cherished tools. They have proven to be practical, useful, and durable. These are woodworking tools that make perfect gifts!

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

This is the perfect tool for setting up a table saw. In woodworking, it's often best to never measure - but when you do, you'd best be accurate. This makes setting a 45 degree angle on a saw painless, precise and repeatable. It can really speed up setting up for complicated cuts.

Wixey Digital Height Gauge

This little tool makes setting up a router or table saw a snap. You can quickly dial in the height of the blade or the depth of a bit. The magnetic feet mean that results are repeatable, and the digital readout makes setup quick. This will really speed your setup, especially when used together with the angle gauge.

Victorinox Alox Knife

A compact and nearly indestructible little pocket knife. I've carried mine for fifteen years and it's a stout little tool. I like this Alox model. It doesn't have tweezers or a toothpick, but it's a lot slimmer than plastic sided versions. The leather awl on this one can be handy for punching small holes into things.

Kreg Mini Jig Kit

This is a great introduction to pocket joinery, or a fantastic tool for quick home repairs. For best results, you need one of the flat faced clamps from Kreg. It can be used to quickly assemble face frames and can make plywood jog building painless and quick!


Small Gifts

Small gifts that are sure to brighten the day of a woodworker that you love!

While these are perfect little gifts for stocking stuffers they will make a big impact in the shop.

I have a strong belief in having the right tool for a job, and some of these are just the thing to solve a tricky problem.

Engineer Screw Pliers

This is a rare tool - one that you've never seen before, and one that you'll quickly appreciate for it's utility. These are my go-to tool for removing stripped screws and corroded parts. They can save a lot of time and keep you from having to use more complicated extraction tools.

Dowel Center Transfer Plugs

These can transfer a the center of a dowel to another surface to make drilling easy and accurate. A great addition to a shop, toss them in your drill bit drawer and one day you'll be thankful for having them! A cheap problem solver.

1-2-3 Machinist Blocks

This is an unusual gift for a woodworker, but it's a valuable shop tool. These are machinist 1-2-3 blocks, and they are perfectly square and true and measure precisely one inch by two inch by three inch. They are great for aligning, quickly marking, and can be used for all manner of shop tasks.

Wood Glue Bottle

Most of us just squeeze glue from the bottle and smear. But this little bottle will help you use less glue, apply it more evenly, and deal with less hassle of dried glue sludge. It's a tidy little system.

Bench Dogs

These little rubber covered pucks allow you to route, sand, and finish a workpiece without using clamps. You arrange them on your table and then set the workpiece on top of them. They really do make projects go faster in the shop.

Push Stick

This push stick is small enough to slip into your apron pocket. It'll always be handy there. It's made of nice materials, and is narrow enough for most cuts on the table saw.